How to Remove Foo virus?

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Ransomware (ransomware) is one of the most dangerous and malicious software. Ransomware knows how to prevent access to the OS system and the user's files by demanding a ransom for restoring access.

The first ransomware programs appeared over 35 years ago. Nowadays, the developers of the Foo virus ransomware infection demand a ransom by cryptocurrency or credit card. The malicious targets more individuals, companies, and organizations.

Foo virus ransomware may have already attacked you on your device. The infection is severe enough because every file and information from your PC can fall into the hands of scammers who will ask for a ransom for this data.

What is Foo virus?

Foo virus is a type of ransomware malware that is designed to block all access to the system until the user pays the required amount of money.

The infection informs its victims that all files on their PU will be permanently deleted, but this can be avoided by paying a ransom.

Once Foo virus gets on the computer, it infects all the PC space. It encrypts important information (documents, photos, videos), after which messages appear demanding a ransom and the address to which the money should be sent.

Examples of the Foo virus messages

  • "Your important files have been encrypted. Do you want them back? Pay."
  • "If you want your files decrypted, you must pay $$$$,"
  • "If you don't pay by the specified deadline, you will have to pay $1000."
Name Foo virus
Type Ransomware
Damage Severe
Alternative Name Foo virus
Encrypted Files Extension .Foo
Ransom Demanding Message !INFO.HTA
Cyber Criminal Contact,
Detection Names Avast (Win32:RansomX-gen [Ransom]), BitDefender (DeepScan:Generic.Ransom.AmnesiaE.EEDD3242), ESET-NOD32 (A Variant Of Win32/Filecoder.Ouroboros.E), Kaspersky (HEUR:Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Generic), Microsoft (Ransom:Win32/Spade.DB!MTB)
Symptoms Cannot open files stored on your computer, previously functional files now have a different extension (for example, my.docx.locked). A ransom demand message is displayed on your desktop. Cyber criminals demand payment of a ransom (usually in bitcoins) to
Distribution Methods Infected email attachments (macros), torrent websites, malicious ads.
Attack Consequences All files are encrypted and cannot be opened without paying a ransom. Additional password-stealing trojans and malware infections can be installed together with a ransomware infection.

How can you get infected with Foo virus malware?

The most common way is considered malicious spam, an unsolicited email used as transport for the malicious. The emails may contain traps (PDF files or Word documents) or links to the program itself.

Malvertising (malvertising) should not be forgotten either. Here the infection is encrypted as an online advertisement for distribution. Clicking on them collects detailed information about victims' PCs and their whereabouts. Malvertising works by using an infected iframe, that is, an invisible element of a web page.

What to do with the Foo virus encrypted files?

We should tell you right away that there are no free tools and services for decrypting the Foo virus encrypted files.

The only way is to pay a ransom, which is not desirable, or perform PC file recovery from a backup copy.

It is also essential to know that there is no access to encrypted files, but many antivirus companies and hackers themselves release descriptors, which are the key to locked files. It would be better to wait for a descriptor, saving all your files before doing so.

A descriptor is a systematization of the main parameters of a virus in coded form. Encodings include groups of characters that start with a capital Latin letter followed by small Latin letters/digits.

Necessary: Never remove Foo virus if you want to get all files back.

How to protect your computer from Foo virus Ransomware?

  1. Back up your data, please. Protect your system from Foo virus ahead of time - back up your system regularly.
  2. Bypass spam emails. Never open suspicious emails.
  3. Regular OS and software updates are a sure-fire way to keep your computer safe.
  4. Strong passwords. Set strong passwords to different accounts.
  5. Use trusted antivirus software and a firewall.

How to correctly remove Foo virus from your PC?

Method 1: Starting a PC in safe mode that is connected to the network

First of all, you need to boot your PC in safe mode to prevent the Foo virus from starting:

Windows 7, 10, Vista, XP

Restart your computer + press "F8" when the PC starts up (this should be done before the Windows logo appears).


The "Advanced Options" menu should appear on the screen, where you need to go to "Safe Mode with network connection" and press Enter.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Press "Windows" + "R" to launch the RUN window - enter msconfig - click OK. Next, go to the Boot tab to select the Safe Boot and Networking options - click OK - restart the PC.


Method 2: Remove the Foo virus with AVarmor

Use an antimalware program that knows how to detect and then remove malicious software from your PC and internet browsers.

First, download and run AVarmor. Wait for the scan to complete, and then select the items found in the Registry and Web Browsers tabs. Now you can remove all found objects safely.

What to do if you can't remove Foo virus after all attempts?

There are also other methods to fight with Foo virus ransomware - download a security product known for its fixing methods and scanning system.

You can also use the paid version of AVarmor, which checks the user's computer more thoroughly and is supplemented with new scanning and protection functions. Follow all AVarmor instructions. If it is necessary, restart your computer after Foo virus scanning and deletion procedure.

Of course, it is possible that you will not get your files back, but you will be able to remove the Foo virus infection altogether.


Once again, we would like to remind you never to click on pop-up ads if you don't want to infect your PC with a dangerous Foo virus infection. Use our proven methods to remove Foo virus. If you have difficulties, then take advantage of the AVarmor to defeat Foo virus.

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